SSH Tunneling with Putty

Let say if you have the remote machine that running the web server on the certain port but that port is blocked from outside. You can set up the ssh tunnel to access to that web server from desktop using the steps below:

– You must have access to remote machine with ssh ( i.e. you can login to ssh with your credential)
– Install Putty on your desktop


1/ Set up the putty session for your remote machine ( ip address, port , etc.)
2/ Go to SSH – Tunnels then enter your choice for the Source port ( it can be any random port)
3/ Enter in the Destination where is the port which is blocked on the remote machine

Capture23/ Save the configuration and run the ssh session from your desktop.

4/ Go to the browser and access the remote site with the url : http://localhost:8111  ( In this case 8111 is my random port)

Woala !!!


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