Delicious on Firefox 4

Firefox 4 just came out and the performance is great. It is the fastest browser right now.  However the current Firefox4 does not support Delicious addon which is another unavoidable feature for most of the geek  Here is how to bring back Delicious addon to the new FF.

Delicious Bookmark Add-on

The Delicious bookmark add-on works with Firefox 4.0b3pre but currently doesn’t install on Firefox 4.0 RC however it is possible to force it to install and so far it’s working fine for me.


First goto the addon site and choose install anyway.

The browser will complain that it can’t be installed.

Within FireFox 4 goto “Help” in the Menu, then “Troubleshooting Information”

Click on the button “Open Containing Folder” (within the box “Application Basics” on top of the page)

Close Firefox

Goto into directory “extensions\{2fa4ed95-0317-4c6a-a74c-5f3e3912c1f9}”

Within the file install.rdf change

em:maxVersion=”4.0b3pre” />


em:maxVersion=”4.0″ />

Restart Firefox

The above worked perfectly for me and once Firefox was restarted the extension was enabled.  I then manually added the tag and bookmark buttons to the toolbar.

Thanks to the users on the delicious support forum


11 thoughts on “Delicious on Firefox 4

  1. Thanks, was beginning to get annoyed at having to manually go to the website to save my bookmarks.

  2. Dear,

    Thanks alot for the post, I successfully update my firefox to 4.0.1 and delicious is also working 😀

  3. My installed Firefox is 4.0.1 and it won’t install saying the xpi file is corrupt. I fixed it by removing the META-INF folder from the file as it contains the signatures of all the files in the package.

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