I can’t wait to see Dimi ‘s debut

You wouldn’t believe how delighted I am about our new signing. Like many supporters, I thought the one player we needed was another striker. For me, we got the best buy in the transfer window.

I found it quite funny when I was coming into MUTV on transfer deadline night and the reports said City were trying to hijack the deal. Some of the City fans were taking the mickey, saying they were going to get Berbatov, but he only ever wanted to come here.

The money wasn’t the important thing for him – obviously, if it had been, he could have gone to City for more. Sometimes people talk about money as if it’s the be all and end all for players but you can only eat three meals a day!

I think you get to a point in life when you have enough money, you just want to be happy. I doubt there’s a better place to be happy than Old Trafford.

I’ve watched Berbatov during the last two years at Tottenham and before that when he played for Bayer Leverkusen against us. He was a smashing player then at Leverkusen but we didn’t take a great deal of notice because we only saw him a couple of times. But with Tottenham he’s been fantastic.

I laugh at the people who say he looks a bit lazy. He looks lazy because his control’s so perfect. He’s a great, great addition to this club honestly. His two years’ experience in England makes him an even greater asset.

He must be a dream to play with, for his imagination, skill, intelligence… football’s a very intelligent game, despite what some people might say.


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