Manchester United 2006/2007 Premiership Champions

The 2006/2007 EPL has ended today with Manchester Utd lifts the trophy after waiting four years. This is the result that the club, me and all of the fans around the world has been dreamed of. It’s really a fantastic, wonderfull season. I feel very happy, glorious and full of emotions….
Hopefully it is not the last trophy Utd lift this season, we have the change to claim the double in FA Cup final against Chelsea next week.
We are looking forward to this young team developing, maturing and going onto to win a European trophy as well as pushing for the league.


One thought on “Manchester United 2006/2007 Premiership Champions

  1. Cuối ma, MU đ cứu mạng West Ham bằng cch thả nhẹ thua 1-0. Thế no sang ma giải mới, West Ham sẽ đội ơn MU bằng cch thi đấu khng hết sức mnh? Ni vậy thi chứ MU muốn thắng th ai m cản nổi, đừng c xảo ngn ni chữ “Thả” :)) Viva MU

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