The Destiny Is Still On Our Hands

It is the sad week of the season with two consecutive losses in a week. However we need to be cool and come back strong. With 6 more games to play until the end of the season, 3 points clear from Chelsea and goals differences advantage, the EPL title is still in our hand. Don’t forget Chelsea last 6 games in the fixture will be with difficult teams (WestHam, Newscasttle, Bolton, Arsenal, us and Everton), our destiny is in our hand. This is the time we need to show the spirit and strength of the big team. Let concentrate on the game on Tuesday with Roma at Old Tralford, it will be tough for us but we have 90 minutes to have one goal at home and things will totally be changed. Hopefully the players can rediscover the form that took us this far and get ourselves back to winning ways again.
I think Alan Smith can replace Paul Scholes, especially he will add a strike force to our central midfield. My suggested formation again Roma is :


O’ Shea Rio Wes Evra

Giggs Carrick Smith Ronaldo

Rooney Saha

Subtitutes: Fletcher, Dong, Heize, Richarson, Kuszack.

Prediction: Utd 2 , Roma Nil (Rooney and Ronaldo score 1 each, LOL)


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