Late Rooney strike lifts United past Milan

A late strike at the 1st minute of injury time from Wayne has brought the Red Devils rallied back from a 2-1 deficit. What a magnificent one-touch football and performance especially when all our 1st choice defenders are injured. When Vida and Neville back on the second leg then we will beat them even worse.
I feel the football God is smiling at the Theater of Dreams tonite. LOL.
Glory Glory Manchester Utd. The treble is still in our reach.

The following is the quote from one of the fan on Manutd ‘s forum that I think expressing exactly everybody ‘s hearts about the performance tonite:
“With tears in my eyes., i’ll just want to say, Thank You United… With 8 to 9 players out injured, playing in unexpected formation which we normally failed…we did it. Roooney our life saver…im delighted….Well done guys, well done. Credits to Fletcher…am sooo impressed with our european performance so far….Fergie was rite, these guys are mature now. Guys pinch me, its Milan we are playing against & for god sake we are trailing to begin with Whoooohooo….treble hope is till on..”


Glory Glory Manchester Utd

This match was one of the best if not the best ever in my life time so far for sure. Well it DOES NOT come much better than this. What a tremendous performance today for all our players. Manchester United were simply just the best team ever this evening. I have never had such a good feeling of watching a soccer match. Words cant describe what I feel like now….damn. The stadium just rocked, the FANS did the team proud and the TEAM did the fans proud. There is no question that United played WORLD CLASS FOOTBALL this evening, they delivered there best football ever. Talk about “sock it to em” it was just outstanding. Roma were stunned at their brilliance tonight, and United showed everyone just what they are capable of. Sir Alex must be one proud man tonight, and quite rightly so, his boys did us proud. It’s just unbelievable. What team work, fabulous just fabulous and the best night ever.

They said we don’t perform well in Europe we proved them wrong.
They said we don’t perform well against big teams we proved them wrong.
They said Rooney and Ronaldo never score in Europe and they both scored.
They said now that Smith will start we will definitely lose however Smith proved him wrong.
They said we have so many injuries and the bench isn’t good enough, Fletcher, Brown, Smith and O’ Shea proved them wrong.

So this one is for all the idiots, not all the money in the world can give u a performance like that, and that was against a big side, I am sure someone will come tomorrow saying that Roma isn’t a big side, because there is always a catch right ?
They hurt our fans in Rome and now their fans will return in tears, as I love to say, revenge is a biatch!!!!!!!

I ‘m specially proud of Alan Smith, I have waited so long to see him get back to his form and regain striker instinct. His second goal today is one of the best 1-touch soccer. Welcome back to score sheet Smudger, great performance too.

The Destiny Is Still On Our Hands

It is the sad week of the season with two consecutive losses in a week. However we need to be cool and come back strong. With 6 more games to play until the end of the season, 3 points clear from Chelsea and goals differences advantage, the EPL title is still in our hand. Don’t forget Chelsea last 6 games in the fixture will be with difficult teams (WestHam, Newscasttle, Bolton, Arsenal, us and Everton), our destiny is in our hand. This is the time we need to show the spirit and strength of the big team. Let concentrate on the game on Tuesday with Roma at Old Tralford, it will be tough for us but we have 90 minutes to have one goal at home and things will totally be changed. Hopefully the players can rediscover the form that took us this far and get ourselves back to winning ways again.
I think Alan Smith can replace Paul Scholes, especially he will add a strike force to our central midfield. My suggested formation again Roma is :


O’ Shea Rio Wes Evra

Giggs Carrick Smith Ronaldo

Rooney Saha

Subtitutes: Fletcher, Dong, Heize, Richarson, Kuszack.

Prediction: Utd 2 , Roma Nil (Rooney and Ronaldo score 1 each, LOL)